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 Regarding gojekonline dot com

 Gojekonline.com is the result of collaboration between media and technology.

Most online media is built as part of the development of media companies, or built by media people. But merdeka.com is actually built by a technology company consisting of people who understand PHP & Apache / FreeBSD first than the science of journalism (used to).

From the experience of KapanLagi.com, which seeks to become a pure internet player - an organization that focuses on providing services on the internet that can be enjoyed by millions of people - and then transforms into a technology & media company with a focus on entertainment, we are now joining people journalistic people. It was the synergy of technology people and journalists that merdeka.com was born.

We are not the first, but we have a new dream, namely creative freedom: How to present information that is real and enjoyable. On the vast world wide web (www), there needs to be information that must be correct, quickly presented, quickly accessible, accurate, and accountable.

Website merdeka.com is a www organization, which is an organization that lives on the internet - people live, work, googling, and are invited to chat on the internet - even support their families from the internet. The internet lives, develops, and inspires, where merdeka.com is a part of it and contributes, especially for Indonesia's internet.

The colors in the logo of merdeka.com are the colors of freedom in conveying information, not bound by certain understandings or certain interests. But the white (or black, at a certain moment) basis underlies the intention to always be on the right track, not arbitrarily. The aim is to become a media that can be accessed by millions of people through technology, without restrictions or limitations, because: nothing is more valuable than being independent (without dot com).

Team gojekonline.com

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